"what lies beneath"

Antifouling & Under the surface

It’s very easy to forget what’s going on under the water line , and without the proper protection things can deteriorate and not only affect the performance of your boat but create potential problems . It’s essential that your hull , propellers and all underwater gear are maintained , and preventive work is carried out annually . After all your boat spends most of its time in the water , but when it is taken out it’s important to make the most of its time in the boat yard and carry out the following essential jobs :

Essential Work that should be routinely carried out on your boat:


Your hull is thoroughly cleaned, prepared and machine sanded. Two coats of antifoul are applied & a third to the water line. Props, rudders, p-brackets and shafts are cleaned and polished to help prevent build up of growth .


Propspeed is a foul release coating which delivers improved performance , together with lower fuel and operational costs .It can be applied to any underwater metal surface.


As anodes are a protection for all underwater areas of your boat, it is important they are replaced at least once a year, regardless of use (Including checking electrical continuity). If you have not had your boat out of the water and you need these checking we can arrange for a diver to go underneath and take photos to check their condition for peace of mind.


Another essential area of maintenance is to make sure all seacocks are inspected to ensure they are in good condition. These must be checked from the outside and in, so will need to be done when your boat is out of the water . A failed seacock equals water coming into the boat and all too quickly the worse could happen .

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